Wow, what a week. This was my favorite week in DS106 so far.

Through a few meetings, both online and in-person, my group was able to coordinate and execute a plan for the radio show. In hindsight, I think we over-prepared, but I suppose that’s not such a bad thing!

This project was challenging because we had to meet online, and create a 5 person project without ever being able to get together. I attend school online, so I wasn’t in Fredericksburg. The other four members of my group had their own things going on, work, commuting, etc.

I can confidently say all 5 of us did our parts. We communicated clearly, created deadlines, volunteered for roles in several situations. We combined our creativity to create one final project.

This was my favorite week because I did not spread myself too thin. Perhaps it was because we had two weeks to work this “week”. Also, because there were no assignments from the assignment bank. I was able to focus all of my effort on one thing, besides the daily creates.

But to conclude this progress post, the final radio show is being edited now, and will be shared in my weekly summary!