Here is all of my posts for the week –

So far this was my favorite week. I had a really rough week outside of school so this was a healthy outlet for me.

As usual, the daily creates a good way for me to do something creative without feeling like I have to make it perfect or getting overwhelmed. The daily create about the old illustrations was my favorite because I found one of my all-time favorite books and a great quote and drawing to go along. That made me happy.

Creating the bumper and the commercial were pretty challenging because I learned in the previous weeks I am not too into audio production. However, both of them were manageable and can’t help but admit I like listening to the final product.

The poster was pretty simple. I made it look very pleasing and kept it simple.

I interacted a ton with classmates this week. I had a phone call, I had a group meeting, sent emails, and was in a group document and GroupMe chat. And as usual, I was on Twitter.

I’m excited to record the radio show next week. All of my teammates are really nice and supportive. This week was good, and I am hoping to make next week even better.