So far, this has been my favorite week of class. I was getting pretty tired of the routine of a weekly lesson and then a few assignments.

For the radio show, I met my group on Twitter. One team member tweeted about wanting a group and had one classmate reply. Professor Bond then retweeted them, and I was able to reach out. Afterward, two other members joined our group for a total of 5! One replied to the original tweet, and the other member called me directly.

I met with the group on Tuesday and we wrote a document making a plan! We chose our topic, picked roles, and even wrote a general guideline of what our radio show would be. Here is a sneak peek at some of the proposed talking points-

  • What if MTV didn’t become a thing?
  • What if PCs never became a thing?
  • Would that lead to no cell phones? No internet?
  • What if we had our current technology in the 80s

We now have an email chat, a group chat, and a shared Google Doc. We don’t have an official date for when we are going to record and edit the radio show, but we have been making progress every day sharing our bumpers, posters, and ideas.