This week I did 3 audio assignments.

Make it 800% slower was pretty straightforward. I took a part of a song (a.lone by XXXTENTACION), and in Audacity, the recommended software, I used “change tempo”.

The slowed down clip sounds real choppy but I saw somebody explain in the Youtube comment section that this is the software’s fault.

It doesn’t sound that good but that’s fine because I learned how to use that feature on Audacity, so in the future I can slow down or speed up audio for free.

For Based on 1 Quote a Day, I found a inspirational speech clip on YouTube, and recorded it use Audacity. The audio in this one wasn’t good either. I learned that if I want to use Youtube audio, I have to directly import the file into Audacity instead of just record it.

Teenage Angst I read out loud a journal entry from when I was 19, and put a song that I found on This was the assignment that turned out the best.