I first watched Kurt Vonnegut draw 3 examples of classic stories.

It’s really hard for me to get into any movies for this same reason – it all seems to be the same story told over and over. Like his examples – “somebody gets into trouble, somebody gets out it again…people love that story!”.

I wasn’t so familiar with the actual formulas of how stories work, and this video was a good introduction. Even though this video is old, I don’t think the pattern has changed much, it is just in different forms of media now.

The next video, “The Machine is Us/ing Us” was sort of creepy to me. I wasn’t familiar with the term web 2.0, and now I think I understand how search engines work. As a side note is amazing how much the internet has changed in 13 years. And the makers of this video were right, privacy, copyright, and even love have changed so much with the invention of “the Machine”.

This is Your Brain on Drugs” was quite the story. It starts off with this extreme, depressing introduction, and the escalates when the girl, Rachel, starts smashing all the dishes. Then the video changes when the family approaches her and asks her what the heck she is doing. Soon, the video turned comedic (comedy central!). And then ends with Rachel smashing more stuff, and revealing she is on cocaine.

Here is the graph I drew, using Vonnegut’s format, about the commercial.

1 is the negative start, with the dramatic effects and talking about the dangers of a drug

2 is when Rachel starts smashing everything

3 is when the family comes in, and there is comedic relief

4 is the peak of the comedy when the mom says “you know, I’ve never done heroin, but honestly Rachel this makes me want to.”

5 is when Rachel is smashing more things

6 is when she reveals that she’s ironically on cocaine.