This week I definitely spent more time on my assignments, especially the first one I did – The Role Playing Game

I thought this prompt was really creative. I added to a story that students from previous classes had worked on. I found this prompt by sorted by rating because I didn’t want to do more than 3 assignments this week (that’s fair, right?). So, this was the very first assignment that popped up, 5 stars. I read each part of the story, and it was fun seeing how different students added different characters and twisted the plot.

I’m not a writer, but I’m proud of how the flow I got into. It’s not very refined, but I think as far as plot and creativity go I nailed it. I backed up the story, and told it from a viewpoint of a different character, then ended where the past writer did, only now the readers have more knowledge on the situation. I also think I did well the sort of rescue to story from ending too early.

I also set the story to be in the 80’s so hopefully somebody will one day continue the story and incorporate something from 80s culture, like perhaps describe the jacket I gave the main character, maybe an acid wash jean jacket.

For my second prompt I selected the next hardest assignment- a 4 1/2 star assignment- Postcards from the Past

My creativity was still flowing from the last assessment I did, so creating a backstory for the photo I found was easy. The prompt didn’t call for much writing, so I just tried to make it as personal and fun as I could.

The actual image was sort of tricky to find, I plugged a lot of keywords into google before finding this website with 80s photos.

My third prompt was super fun and surprising challenging – A story in Alphabet

I started off not really knowing what I was saying, I just wanted it to make grammatical sense. I think the best part of my “story” was N-W.

“Now open, people question reality. So to un-veil why?”

I want to do this exercise in the future and I think I can get better and better at it because even though I did it once, It started getting easier throughout the story.

This one had nothing to do with 80s.