Here are all my posts for the week –

Week 2 – Guess the Story

Week 2 – Best Sports Play

Week 2 – Dream It…Write It!

Week 2 Assignment Write-Ups…funny, scary, and cool.

This week was a lot more work than last week, so, unfortunately, I did not complete my goal of finishing my work by Thursday. Now that I am familiar with the pace, I am going to have the same goal for week 3.

Even though it was more work, I had fun starting to be creative. I really enjoy the daily create assignments because they are simple and make me more confident. I am looking forward to seeing all my tweets by the end of the semester!

It took me a little bit to get started on the assignments, but I think I will get better at them throughout the semester. Once I found some that weren’t overly difficult for me, I could get into the groove of creativity. They were sort of like daily creates, but a little bit harder.

The write-ups were not that fun for me because I already knew everything about my assignment, but I hope that classmates can find my thought process interesting. I put them all into one post because I already had my assignments on different posts. I think I will switch this format next week!

I edited the format of my webpage a lot. It doesn’t really look complete, because I am still figuring out how to work it, but I plan to build it up throughout the semester.

I interacted with my classmates on Twitter. A couple of classmates followed me, and since I wasn’t on social media, it made me sort of nervous which is weird. One classmate replied to one of my tweets, and I thought that was pretty cool. I will make progress in interacting with other people as the semester goes on.