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The first week of school is always a bit stressful for me because I do not know my professors and I don’t have a feel for my classes yet. Now that this is the final assignment for the week, I am more relaxed and have a better feel for the course.

The biggest things I learned this week were (1) how to get onto the cPanel (it took me a couple of days to learn, but once I learned it was easy) (2) how to create a subdomain and install WordPress and (3) how to embed social media into a blog post. Fortunately, it was really straightforward.

Getting onto the cPanel was harder than I thought it would be. I have done it in previous classes and never had an issue, but I forgot how to. I learned I can do it through the Domain Of Own’s Own site and now I feel a bit silly.

It was easier than I thought to embed media into a blog post.

I am excited to be on Twitter. I never had a purpose for it before, but now I do, and it makes me happy to be using social media responsibility.

My goal for week 2 is to complete all my work by Thursday. This week was stressful for me so I am fine with finishing my work on Friday, but it is early in the semester and I want to get into a good routine.