Final Project – Weekly Summary

This final is pretty open ended. My group and I decided that the most important parts to focus on were 1) making the project fit into multiple medias and 2) relate to the course theme, the 80s. The two media platforms we decided to post our project on were Soundcloud and YouTube, some of the most popular sites for audio and visuals, respectively. Our project is going to relate to

Week 11 – Weekly Summary

Here is my blog post and Group Project Video this week: I am very proud of my editing work. It took around 4 or 5 hours in total because I received raw footage from 4 different people without too much structure. My group mates gave me a lot of awesome content, so I had to work with. I edited my video into four sections with themes. This helped me provide

Week 10 – Weekly Summary

This week was fun. I’m excited to be working with the same group again. This week consisted of two video assignments. Videos are my specialty. For both assignments I used iMovie. First, I looked into the video effects of a scene from The Breakfast Club, and 80s movie. I used my voice commentary to break the scene up into four different clips to highlight video storytelling elements. Secondly, I did

Week 9 – Weekly Summary

That was quite a week. Collectively my household temporarily lost four jobs. Times are tough but it is oddly calming knowing that there are millions in the same position. This week was the first time I got to be on a radio show! Even though it was just the class radio, it was super exciting. Secretly, I made notes just to prepare. Personally, I would love for our class theme

Week 8 – Weekly Summary

Here is the final product! What a ride! Here is my other post for the week – Thank you Lewis for hosting, Kyle for editing, and Lilian and Hayden for “calling in” with me! It is so awesome to listen to the final product. There was a lot of coordination that went into this! I hope to take this energy into next week, and future group projects!

Week 7 – Weekly Summary

Here is all of my posts for the week – So far this was my favorite week. I had a really rough week outside of school so this was a healthy outlet for me. As usual, the daily creates a good way for me to do something creative without feeling like I have to make it perfect or getting overwhelmed. The daily create about the old illustrations was my favorite

Week 5 – Weekly Summary

Here are the links to all my posts this week: Audio creation definitely was the hardest unit for me so far. There is definitely a learning curve for digital audio creation because there are lot of softwares and tools. I think I could have spent more time this week learning but it was just hard for me to get into it because I am not very good at using computers.

Week 4 – Weekly Summary

Here are all my posts for the week – Telling Stories with Photographs Photo Reflection Photoblitz Summarize A Movie With Animated Gifs Multiply Yourself Design To Shock Assignment Write-Ups…Photoshop is hard. That’s a lot of posts! This week was the most time consuming for me so far, even over last week. However, I did better at managing my time and I was finally able to accomplishment goal (which I failed

Week 3 – Weekly Summary

Here are my other 5 posts for the week The Role-Playing Game Postcards From The Past… A Story in Alphabet Assignment Write-Ups Story Analysis This week was the most challenging one yet. I think I am spending too much time trying to figure out the assignments, and instead, I need to let my creativity flow and try to relax, learn and enjoy. I did my daily creates and assignments first.