Week 7 – Weekly Summary

Here is all of my posts for the week – So far this was my favorite week. I had a really rough week outside of school so this was a healthy outlet for me. As usual, the daily creates a good way for me to do something creative without feeling like I have to make it perfect or getting overwhelmed. The daily create about the old illustrations was my favorite

Week 7 – Audio Assignments

Both of my audio assignments are relevant to my group’s radio show! The first one is me advertising the 1985 NBA Finals with an 80s sounding introduction. I used the real player names and the real network. Spoiler, the Lakers won. The second one I took an 80s hip hop beat and made a simple bumper for the radio show! I made both in audio and took audio from YouTube

Week 7 – Radio Show Progress

So far, this has been my favorite week of class. I was getting pretty tired of the routine of a weekly lesson and then a few assignments. For the radio show, I met my group on Twitter. One team member tweeted about wanting a group and had one classmate reply. Professor Bond then retweeted them, and I was able to reach out. Afterward, two other members joined our group for

Week 5 – Weekly Summary

Here are the links to all my posts this week: Audio creation definitely was the hardest unit for me so far. There is definitely a learning curve for digital audio creation because there are lot of softwares and tools. I think I could have spent more time this week learning but it was just hard for me to get into it because I am not very good at using computers.

Week 5 Assignment Write Ups…Digital Audio has a learning curve

This week I did 3 audio assignments. Make it 800% slower was pretty straightforward. I took a part of a song (a.lone by XXXTENTACION), and in Audacity, the recommended software, I used “change tempo”. The slowed down clip sounds real choppy but I saw somebody explain in the Youtube comment section that this is the software’s fault. It doesn’t sound that good but that’s fine because I learned how to