Week 10 – Weekly Summary

This week was fun. I’m excited to be working with the same group again. This week consisted of two video assignments. Videos are my specialty. For both assignments I used iMovie. First, I looked into the video effects of a scene from The Breakfast Club, and 80s movie. I used my voice commentary to break the scene up into four different clips to highlight video storytelling elements. Secondly, I did

Week 9 – Weekly Summary

That was quite a week. Collectively my household temporarily lost four jobs. Times are tough but it is oddly calming knowing that there are millions in the same position. This week was the first time I got to be on a radio show! Even though it was just the class radio, it was super exciting. Secretly, I made notes just to prepare. Personally, I would love for our class theme

Week 9 – Radio Listen

It was a lot of fun being on the DS106 radio! I was pretty nervous, but I was very focused and excited. I got my friend to listen to the show and a couple of my group members were listening. Thank you for Professor Bond for setting up the Skype call! It was pretty cool hearing my group project being presented live. I think we did a great job of

Week 8 – Weekly Summary

Here is the final product! What a ride! Here is my other post for the week – Thank you Lewis for hosting, Kyle for editing, and Lilian and Hayden for “calling in” with me! It is so awesome to listen to the final product. There was a lot of coordination that went into this! I hope to take this energy into next week, and future group projects!

Week 8 – Radio Show Progress

Wow, what a week. This was my favorite week in DS106 so far. Through a few meetings, both online and in-person, my group was able to coordinate and execute a plan for the radio show. In hindsight, I think we over-prepared, but I suppose that’s not such a bad thing! This project was challenging because we had to meet online, and create a 5 person project without ever being able